Useful Reference Texts

The scientists and technicians at Avanti have found the following texts to be helpful in understanding lipids and lipid driven sciences and technologies.

Lipid Bilayers
Jan-Michael Y. Carrillo, John Katsaras, Bobby G. Sumpter and Rana Ashkar, A Computational Approach for Modeling Neutron Scattering Data from Lipid Bilayers, J. Chem. Theory Comput., Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jctc.6b00968

Liposome Technology, Vol 1, 2, and 3
edited by Gregory Gregoriadis. Copyright 1993. ISBN: 0849367077
CRC Press, Inc.
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Liposomes in Gene Delivery
by Danilo D. Lasic. Copyright 1997. ISBN: 849331099
CRC Press, Inc.
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Liposomes: Rational Design
By Janoff, Andrew S. (editor)
Published by Marcel Dekker (Nov 1, 1998)
ISBN: 0824702255
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Handbook of Lipid Bilayers
by Derek Marsh.
Copyright 2012. ISBN 9781420088328
CRC Press, Inc.
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Medical Applications Of Liposomes
Edited By D. D. Lasic and D. Papahadjopoulos
Elsevier Press ISBN: 0444829172
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by Martin Caffrey. Copyright 1993. ISBN: 0849389240
CRC Press, Inc.
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Handbook of Nonmedical Applications of Liposomes, Vol. I, II, III, & IV
edited by Danilo D. Lasic & Yechezkel Barenholz. Copyright 1996.
CRC Press, Inc.
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Vol III – Search For Stores That Sell This Book
Vol IV – Search For Stores That Sell This Book

The Lipid Handbook, Second Ed
by Frank D. Gunstone, John L. Harwood and Fred B. Padley.
Copyright 1994. ISBN: 0412433206
Published by CRC Pr (Jul 1, 1994)
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Handbook of Lipid Research Vol 4, The Physical Chemistry of Lipids
by Donald Small. Copyright 1986.
Plenum Press.
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Membrane Biophysics: As Viewed from Experimental Bilayer Lipid Membranes
(Planar Lipid Bilayers and Spherical Liposomes)

By Ottova-Leitmannova, Angelica; Tien, H. Ti
Published by Elsevier Science Ltd (Nov 1, 1998) ISBN: 044482930X
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Bioconjugate Techniques
By Hermanson, Greg T.; Hermanson, Greg T.
Published by Academic Pr (Jan 1, 1996)
ISBN: 012342335X
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Gene Therapy: Therapeutic Mechanisms and Strategies
By Lasic, Danilo D. (editor); Templeton, Nancy Smyth (editor)
Published by Marcel Dekker (Jun 1, 2000)
ISBN: 0824776658
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Liposome Preparation

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing of Liposomes
by Francis J. Martin (1990) in
Specialized Drug Delivery Systems
(Tyle, Praveen, Ed.) 267-316
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Comparative Properties and Methods of Prepartaion of Lipid Vesicles (Liposomes)
by Szoka, Jr., Frances & Papahadjopoulos, Demetrios,
(1980) Annual Review of Biophysics and Bioengineering Volume 9, Pages 467-508.
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Liposomes as Drug Delivery Systems, Part I: Preparation
(1992) Pharmaceutical Technology Volume 16, Pages 96-106.
Talsma, H. & Cormmelin, D.J.A.

Liposomes as Drug Delivery Systems Part II: Characterization
(1992) Pharmaceutical Technology, Volume 16, Pages 52-58.
Talsma, H & Crommelin, D.J.A. (1992)

Liposomes as Drug Delivery Systems, Part III: Stabilization
(1992) Pharmaceutical Technology, Volume 17, Pages 48-59.
Talsma, H. & Crommelin, D.J.A

Drug Delivery Overview

Lipase Is Essential for the Study of in Vitro Release Kinetics from Organogels Marie-Hélène Dufresne, Elaheh Marouf, Yvonne Kränzlin, Marc A. Gauthier and Jean-Christophe Leroux Mol. Pharmaceutics, Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/mp3001099
Publication Date (Web): May 11, 2012
Copyright © 2012, American Chemical Society

Liposomes: Synthetic lipid microspheres serve as multipurpose vehicles for the delivery of drugs, genetic material and cosmetics
(1992) American Scientist, Volume 80, Pages 20-31.
Lasic, D.D.

Targeted liposomes and intracellular delivery of macromolecules
(1990) Progress in Clinical and Biology Research, Volume 343, Pages 95-102.
Leserman, L., Machy, P., Leonetti, P., Jilhaud, P.G., Degols, G. & Lebleu, B.

Liposomal Drug Delivery System
(1990) Polymembrane Preparation Volume 31, Pages 159-160.
Maruyama, K., Kennel, S. & Huang, L.

Liposomes designed to avoid the reticuloendothelial system
(1990) Progress in Clinical and Biological Research, Volume 343, Pages 85-93.
Papahadjopoulos, D. & Gabizon, A.

Encapsulation/Delivery of DNA

Interactions of cationic lipid vesicles with negatively charged
phospholipid vesicles and biological membranes

(1988) Biochemistry, Volume 27, Pages 3917-3925.
Stamatatos, L., Leventis, R., Zuckermann, M.J. & Silvius, J.R.

Liposomes as carriers of DNA
(1989) Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems, Volume 6, Pages 239-271.
Nicolau, C. & Cudd, A.

Interactions of antisense DNA oligonucleotide
analogs with phospholipid membranes (liposomes)

(1991) Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 19, Pages 5551-5559.
Akhtar, S., Basu, S., Wickstrom, E. & Juliano, R.L.

Cationic liposome-mediated transfection with lipofection reagent
(1991) Methods of Molecular Biology, Pages 91-98.
Felgner, P.L.

Liposomes for the transformation of eukaryotic cells
(1991) Biochemistry and Biophysics Acta, Volume 1097, Pages 1-17.
Hug, P. & Slight, R.G.

Liposomal delivery as a new approach to transport antisense oligonucleotides
(1992) Gene Regulation (Erickson, R.P. & Izant, G., Ed.) Pages 147-161
Dritschilo, A., Thierry, A.R., Rahman, A., & Raven Press, New York.

Targeted delivery of DNA by liposomes and polymers
(1992) Journal of Controlled Release, Volume 19, Pages 269-274.
Zhou, X, & Huang, L.

Improved encapsulation of DNA in pH sensitive liposomes for transfection
(1992) Liposome Research, Volume 2, Pages 125-139.
Zhou, X., Klibanov, A.L. & Huang, L.

Encapsulation/Delivery of Proteins

Interactions of proteins and drugs with liposomes
(1983) Liposomes (Ostro, M., Ed.), Pages 53-86, Marcel Dekker, New York
Juliano, R.L.

Peptide and protein drugs: I. Therapeutic applications,
absorption and parenteral administration

(1991) Inter. J. Pharm. Volume 75, Pages 97-115.
Zhou, X.H. & Po, A.L.W.

Pulmonary Delivery of Drugs

Organ-selective action of an antitumor drug: pharmacologic studies of liposome-encapsulated beta-cytosine arabinoside administered via the respiratory system of the rat
(1979) J. Natl. Cancer Inst. Volume 63, Pages 727-731.
McCullough, H.N. & Juliano, R.L.

Liposomes: a pulmonary perspective
(1988) Liposomes as Drug Carriers (Gregoriadis, G., Ed.), Pages 679-694.
Mihalko, P., Schreier, H. & Abra, R.M.

Liposomes for pulmonary applications
(1990) Modern Medicine of Canada, Volume 45, Pages 233-237.
Shek, P.N., Barber, R.F. & Jurimaromet, M.

Topical Applications of Liposomes

Liposomes as a topical drug delivery system
(1990) Polym. Mater. Sci. Eng. Volume 63, Pages 59-63.
Egbaria, K. & Weiner, N.

Hydroxylated Nylon Polymers

Hydroxylated Nylons Based on Unprotected Esterified D-Glucaric Acid by Simple Condensation Reactions
(1994) Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 116, Pages 571-578.
Keily, D.E., Chen, L. & Lin, T.H.

Alkyl Phosphocholine

Structure of glucagon-like peptide (7-36) amide in a dodecyl-phosphocholine micelle as determined by 2D NMR
(1994) Biochemistry, Volume 33, Pages 3532-3539.
Thornton, K. & Gorenstein, D.G.

Conformational changes in phospholipase A2 upon binding to micellar interfaces in the absence and presence of competitive inhibitors. A 1H and 15N NMR study
(1992) Biochemistry, Volume 31, Pages 10021-10030.
Peters, A.R., Dekker, N., van den Berg, L., Boelens, R., Kaptein, R., Slotboom, A.J. & de Haas, G.H.

Antitumor ether lipids and alkyl phosphocholines
(1994) Drugs of the Future Volume 19, Pages 1021-1037.
Lohmeyer, M. & Bittman, R.

Uptake, subcellular distribution and metabolism of the phospholipid
analogue hexadecylphosphocholine in MCDK cells
(1994) Biochemica et Biophysica Acta, Volume 1211, Pages 14-22.
Geilen, C.C., Wieder, T., Haase, A., Reutter, W., Morre, D.M. & Moore, D.J.

Pharmacokinetic behavior and antineoplastic activity of liposomal-

(1994) Cancer Chemotherapy & Pharmacology, Volume 34, Pages 393-398.
Kaufmann-Kolle, P., Drevs, J., Berger, M.R., Kotting, J., Marschner, N., Unger, C. & Eibl, H.

Topical administration of hexadecyl-phosphocholine in patients
with cutaneous lymphomas: results of a phase I/II study

(1993) J. of the American Academy of Dermatology Volume 29, Pages 963-970.
Dummer, R., Krasovec, M., Roger, J., Sindermann, H. & Burg, G.

Diether Phospholipids

Protein kinase C is not involved in the cytotoxic action of
1-octadecyl-2-O-methyl-sn-glycerol-3 phosphocholine in HL-60 and K562 cells

(1994) Biochemical Pharmacology, Volume 47, Pages 1481-1488.
Heesbeen, E.C., Verdonck, L.F., Staal, G.E. & Rijksen, G.

Antitumor ether lipids and alkyl phosphocholines
(1994) Drugs of the Future, Volume 19, Pages 1021-1037.
Lohmeyer, M, & bittman, R.

Tumor necrosis factor release by murine macrophages
stimulated by the cytotoxic ether lipid

(1994) Int’l J. of Immunopharmacology, Volume 16, Pages 335-343.
Shames, R., Ruis, N.M. & Valone, F.H.

Inhibition of estradiol uptake and transforming growth factor alpha secretion
in human breast cancer cell line MCF-7 by an alkyl-lysophospholipid

(1990) Cancer Research, Volume 50, Pages 7505-7512.
Kosano, H., Yasutomo, Y., Kugai, N., Hagata, N., Inagaki, H., Tanaka, S. & Takatani, O.

Role of endocytosis in the action of ether lipids on WEHL-3B,
HL60, and FDCP-mix A4 cells
(1990) Cancer Research Volume 50, Pages 7505-7512.
Bazill, G.W. & Dexter, T.M.


Short Chain Phosphatidylcholines as Superior Detergents in Solubilizing
Membrane Proteins and Preserving Biological Activity

(1994) Biochemistry, Volume 33, Pages 10825-10836.
J. Kessi, J.C. Poiree, E. Wehrli, R. Bachofen, G. Semenza, & H. Hauser

L-a-Phosphatidylcholine (Tissue Derived)

Phosphatidyl Choline and Lysophosphatidyl Choline in Mixed Lipid
Micelles as Novel Drug Delivery Systems
(1990) Phospholipids: Biochemical, Phsrmaceutical, and Analytical Considerations,
(Hanin, Israel and Pepeu, Giancarlo, Ed.), Page 83, Plenum Press, New York
Yesair, David W.

Phosphatidyl Inositol

The Role of Surface Charge and Hydrophilic Groups on Liposome Clearance in vivo
(1992) Biochim Biophys Acta, Volume 1103, Pages 94-100.
Gabizon, A. & Papahadjopoulos, D.


The Composition of Beef Heart Cardiolipins Isolated by Solvent and
Chromatographic Fractionation

(1965) Lipids Volume 6, Pages 260-65.
Courtade, S.A. and McKibbin, J.M.


Quantitative Determination of Cholesterol in Liposome Drug Products and Raw Materials by High Performance Liquid Chromatography
(1990) Journal of Chromatography, Volume 507, Pages 157-163
Lang, J.
(1981) Cholesterol Autoxication, Plenum Press, New York.
Smith, L.


Use of D-Erythro-sphingosine as a Pharmacological Inhibitor
of Protein Kinase-C in Human Platelets

(1991) Biochemical Journal, Volume 278, Pages 387-392.
Kahn et al, W.A.


(1964) Proc. Soc. Exptl. Biol. Med. Volume 115, Page 990.
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Targeting of lactosylceramide-containing liposomes to hepatocytes in vivo
(1983) Biochem. Biophys. Acta Volume 734, Pages 40-47.
Spanjer, H.H. and Scherphof, G.L.

Lipids by Extraction

Solubilization and Reconstitution of the lactose Transport System from Escherichia coli
(1980) J. Biol. Chem. Volume 255, Pages 10583-10586.
Newman, M.J. & Wilson, T.H.

Partial Resolution of the Enzymes Catalyzing Oxidative Phosphorylation
(1971) J. of Biol Chem Volume 246, Pages 5477-5487.
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Antihypertensive activity of an alkyl ether analog of phosphatidylcholine
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Platelet-activating factor. Evidence for 1-O-alkyl-2-Acetoyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphoryl-choline as the active component (a new class of lipid chemical mediators )
(1979) J. Biol. Chem. Volume 254, Pages 9355-9358.
Demopoulos, C.A., Pinckard, R.N. & Hanahan, D.J.

Semi-synthesis and proposed structure of platelet-activation factor (PAF). PAF-acether an alkyl ether analog of lysophosphatidylcholine
(1979) Seances Acad. Sci., Ser III: Sci. Vie. Volume 289, Pages 1037-1040.
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Variation in Hydration Forces Between Neutral Phospholipid Bilayers: Evidence for Hydration Attraction
(1988) Biochemistry Volume 27, Pages 7711-7722.
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Synthesis of Carboxyacyl Derivatives of Phosphatidylethanolamine and Use as an Efficient Method for Conjugation of Protein to Liposomes
(1986) Biochim. Biophys. Acta Volume 862, Pages 435-439.
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Lipid Polymorphism of Mixtures of Dioleoyl-phosphatidylethanolamine and Saturated and Monounsaturated Phosphatidylcholines of Various Chain Lengths
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Clinical Pharmacology of 99mtc-labeled Liposomes in Patients with Cancer
(1984) Cancer Research Volume 44, (January), Pages 375-378.
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Liposomal Amphotericin B for the Treatment of Systemic Fungal Infections in Patients with Cancer: A Preliminary Study
(1985) The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 1, 51 (April) Pages 704-710
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Protective Effect of Liposomal-Amportericin B Against C. Albicans Infection in Mice
(1985) Cancer Drug Delivery, Volume 2, Pages 183-189
Lopez-Berestein, G., McQueen, T. & Mehta, K.

Phosphatidic Acid

The Effect of Positive and Negative pH-gradients on the Stability of Small Unilamellar Vesicles of Negatively Charged Phospholipids
(1993) Biochim. Biophys. Acta Volume 1147, Pages 237-244.
Lin, B.Z., Yin, C.C. & Hauser, H.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type I (HIV-1) Fusion with Model Membranes: Kinetic Analysis and the Role of Lipid Composition, pH and Divalent Cations
(1993) Biochim. Biophys. Acta Volume 147, Pages 223-236.
Larsen, C.E., Nir, S., Alford, D.R., Jennings, M., Lee, K. & Duzgunes, N.

Sodium Transport by an ionizable and a Neutral Mobile Carrier: Effects of Membrane Structure on the Apparent Activation Energy
(1993) Biochim. Biophys. Acta Volume 1146, Pages 25-37.
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Studies on the Mechanism of Membrane Fusion: Role of Headgroup Compositions in Calcium- and Magnesium-induced Fusion of Mixed Phospholipid Vesicles
(1981) Biochim. Biophys. Acta Volume 642, Pages 182-195.
Düzgünes, N., Wilschut, J. Fraley, R. & Paphadjopoulas, D.

DNA Transfection

Interactions of mammalian cells with lipid dispersions containing novel metabolizable cationic amphiphiles (1990) Biochim. Biophys. Acta Volume 1023, Pages 124-132.
Leventis, R., & Silvius, J.R.

Systemic gene expression after intravenous DNA delivery in adult mice
(1993) Science Volume 261, Pages 209-211.
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In vivo gene delivery. Efficient transfection of T lymphocytes in adult mice
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Liposomes as carriers of DNA
(1989) Crit. Rev. Ther. Drug Carr. Syst. Volume 6, Pages 239-271.
Nicolau, C. & Cudd, A.

Amphipathic Antigens

Availability of Dinitrophenylated Lipids Haptens for Specific Antibody Binding Depends on the Physical Properties of Host Bilayer Memb