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Nanomedicines made from self-assembling DNA structures could last longer inside the bloodstream with a lipid bilayer coating similar to the ones worn by some viruses. [Link]

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Lipoprotein Nanoparticles Boost Memory In Mice With Alzheimer’s.
Nanomedicine: Particles that resemble high-density lipoprotein clear out clumps of amyloid-β
By Erika Gebel Berg [Link]

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Living cells communicate and cooperate to produce the emergent properties of tissues. Synthetic mimics of cells, such as liposomes, are typically incapable of cooperation and therefore cannot readily display sophisticated collective behavior. We printed tens of thousands of picoliter aqueous droplets that become joined by single lipid bilayers to form a cohesive material with cooperating compartments. Three-dimensional structures can be built with heterologous droplets in software-defined arrangements. The droplet networks can be functionalized with membrane proteins; for example, to allow rapid electrical communication along a specific path. The networks can also be programmed by osmolarity gradients to fold into otherwise unattainable designed structures. Printed droplet networks might be interfaced with tissues, used as tissue engineering substrates, or developed as mimics of living tissue.
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High-fat diets lead to impaired brain signaling of the reward neurotransmitter dopamine, which may lead to more high-fat food intake due to compensatory eating. Researchers at the John B. Pierce Laboratory identified the molecular pathway linking high fat content of the gut to decreased dopamine signaling. The authors looked at N-Acylethanolamines, a group of fatty acids that serve as signaling molecules in the gut. They focused on oleoylethanolamine, a diet-induced satiety signal. They found that its production was suppressed in mice fed a high-fat diet over a period of time and administering it to animals on a high-fat diet restored their dopamine sensitivity. “High-fat-induced gastrointestinal dysfunctions play a key role in dopamine deficiency, they said, “and . . . restoring gut- generated lipid signaling may increase the reward value of less palatable, yet healthier, foods.” Anette Breindl, Science Editor [PubMed]

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