What Lipids Should I Use For My Liposomes?

There are many possible lipid formulations suitable for liposome preparations. The proper formulation for any particular application depends on many factors therefore no one formulation can be recommended. We suggest reviewing the information in the following documents to gain a more thorough understanding of the factors influencing liposome preparation and usage.

The choice of lipids for liposome research is entirely dependent on the system to be studied. Biological assays may require mixtures of lipids while pharmacokinetics of drug delivery are dramatically affected by the phase transition temperature of the liposome composition. The best advice is to perform a literature search on the area of interest and narrow the choice of lipids to those used for similar studies. Once you have a short list of compounds, empirical determination and optimization of performance using those lipids will allow you to choose the optimal composition for the liposomes. We have compiled a list of lipids commonly used in liposome research which provides a starting point for your research.