What are Bioz Badges?

We have partnered with Bioz to bring Bioz Badges to the Avanti website. This is an AI-powered tool that offers you up-to-date, real-world application information for our products. Now you can see when, where, how, and why our products are being used in various research studies worldwide.

Bioz Badges will take your online lipid product research to the next level. These Badges provide you with the most comprehensive and current product information available. This is the ultimate tool for making informed purchasing decisions by providing you with critical information about a product's quality, efficacy, and research applications.

Our website is dedicated to empowering you with the information you need to make smart, confident, purchasing decisions. So why wait? Start your product today and experience the benefits of Bioz Badges for yourself!

Not sure how to use the Bioz Badge tool? Watch the short video below or keep reading for more information!

Where can you find Bioz Badges?

A quick note about the Bioz Badge availability - Badges are only available for a product when the product has been used in published scientific literature and has been correctly cited. So, if you aren't seeing a Badge for a product, it is likely that there currently aren't any published literature using our product or that the product was cited incorrectly in the literature.

Bioz Badges can be found in three places throughout the Avanti website:

  • Mini Badges can be found on each product listing
  • The Bioz Badge icon can be found at the top of a product page to the left of the product number and name
  • The full Bioz Badge is located in the reference section on the individual product pages

What do the different Bioz Badges do?

  • The mini Bioz Badge is a quick reference tool that gives you insight into the number of times that product has been cited in literature, the recency of the publications it has been used in, and the impact factor of the journals publishing the literature.
  • The Bioz Badge icon indicates that the full Bioz Badge is available for that specific product. Click on the icon to be directed to the references section for that product.
  • The full Bioz Badge is located in the references section for each individual product. This badge has the comprehensive, up-to-date information that will help you make smart, informed decisions when purchasing lipids for your research. In the full Bioz Badge, you can find citations and images that reference our product, and it even gives you the ability to filter the results based on research technique, author, date, journal, and more!

How often are citations in each Bioz Badge updated?

For products added to the catalog prior to 2023, the Bioz Badge will automatically update citations every 24-48 hours.

We are constantly innovating and expanding our lipid portfolio so, new products added to the catalog beginning in 2023 will receive a Bioz Badge the following quarter (i.e. a new product submitted in January will receive a Bioz Badge in Q2). Once a product has received a Bioz Badge, the citations will continually update every 24-48 hours.