What Issues Should I Consider Before Placing My Order?

In what physical state do I require my product?

  • Check our website for solubility

Do I need smaller aliquots/packaging?

  • AVANTI CAN DO THIS FOR YOU for a small additional fee.
Do I have the proper storage container?

  • Do NOT use Eppendorf tubes.
  • Do NOT use Parafilm.
  • Do NOT use screw cap bottles with glue under the lid.
  • Most commercial storage containers have glue under the liner. AVANTI’S STORAGE LIDS DO NOT CONTAIN GLUE. The Teflon liners are sonically welded to the lid.
  • Secure any screw cap closure with Teflon tape or stretch tape.

Saturated Lipids

  • Lipids with no double bonds, e.g., 14:0, where,
    • 14 is the number of carbons in the fatty acid chain
    • 0 is the number of double bonds
  • In most cases, the powder form of these products CAN be easily weighed. One exception is the short-chain lipids, i.e., <10 carbons in length.

Unsaturated Lipids

  • Lipids with one or more double bond, e.g., 18:1, where,
    • 18 is the number of carbons in the fatty acid chain
    • 1 is the number of double bonds
  • As powders, these products are hygroscopic and CANNOT be easily weighed.
  • They generally form a lyophilized cake rather than being free flowing powders.