The Good Stuff: Highest Purity Lipids

There are companies that make lipids. Then there is Avanti.

Simply put, we synthesize and purify fats and greases, but there’s nothing simple about the way we do it. Many layers go into making our high purity lipids, with checks and balances built into each step in the process. Our proven approach, developed over 50 years of experience, ensures that each and every lipid that leaves our facility is the good stuff.

What is the good stuff? It is lipids that have undergone extensive oversight by our highly skilled QA team. It is more than 99% pure and that purity contributes directly to the success of our customers’ research and product development. It is those successes that drive what we do. We take tremendous pride in the amazing things our customers do with our lipids. Providing you with the purest products available allows us to participate in your success.

Pure lipids are our passion, and the amazing things that result from that purity push us to continue to innovate and expand.

That’s the good stuff. That’s Avanti.