lm6005 | Cer/Sph Mixture II

Ceramide/Sphingoid Internal Standard Mixture II


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Cer/Sph Mixture II

Ceramide/Sphingoid Internal Standard Mixture II

Sphingolipid Mix II contains 25 µM of 9 of these compounds in ethanol. Single use, 1 ml ampules are sufficient for at least 50 samples.

Sphingosine (C17 base)

Sphinganine (C17 base)

Sphingosine-1-P (C17 base)

Sphinganine-1-P (C17 base)

Lactosyl(ß) C12 Ceramide

12:0 Sphingomyelin

Glucosyl(ß) C12 Ceramide

12:0 Ceramide

12:0 Ceramide-1-P

Light Sensitive
1 year
Storage Temperature
Formula Weight
Exact Mass

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