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Kdo2-Lipid A | lm-5000



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A new preparation of the saccharolipid glycan, Kdo2-Lipid A, is a nearly homogeneous Re lipopolysaccharide (LPS) substructure with endotoxin activity equal to that of native LPS. Kdo2-Lipid A is comparable to LPS and its activity is reduced by >103 in cells from TLR-4 deficient mice. The advantage of Kdo2-Lipid A over LPS is that it is a reproducible, defined natural product, and it can be detected by ESI/MS at the low concentrations used to stimulate animal cells. The purity of Kdo2-Lipid A should also facilitate the structural analysis of its complexes with signaling receptors, such as TLR-4/MD2.

New research* shows 1μg Kdo2 induces

the same response as 10μg LPS.

Perform experiments at half the cost of using LPS!

* Saito, O., C.I. Svensson, M.W. Buczynski, K. Wegner, X.Y. Hua, S. Codeluppi, R.H. Schaloske, R.A. Deems, E.A. Dennis, and T.L. Yaksh. (2010). Spinal glial TLR4-mediated nociception and production of prostaglandin E and TNF. Br J Pharmacol 160:1754-64.
For a list of cell and solution protocols utilizing Kdo2-Lipid A, please see information on the LIPID MAPS website at the following link.