890890 | 18:1 TAP (DOTAP)

1,2-dioleoyl-3-trimethylammonium-propane (chloride salt)

18:1 TAP (DOTAP)


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18:1 TAP (DOTAP)

1,2-dioleoyl-3-trimethylammonium-propane (chloride salt)

DOTAP is one of the most widely used cationic lipids for gene transfection applications. DOTAP is proven to be efficient for in vitro and in vivo transfection applications. Various analogues of TAP are available for structure-activity relationship studies.

Simberg D, Weisman S, Talmon Y, Barenholz Y. DOTAP (and other cationic lipids): chemistry, biophysics, and transfection. Crit Rev Ther Drug Carrier Syst. 2004;21(4):257-317. doi: 10.1615/critrevtherdrugcarriersyst.v21.i4.10. PMID: 15638468.

Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula
Percent Composition
C 72.22%, H 11.54%, Cl 5.08%, N 2.01%, O 9.16%
1 Year
Storage Temperature
CAS Number
CAS Registry Number is a Registered Trademark of the American Chemical Society
Formula Weight
Exact Mass
1,2-di-(9Z-octadecenoyl)-3-trimethylammonium-propane (chloride salt)
Transition Temp
<5°C (see Regelin et al)
Solubility in Different Solvents
Soluble in ethanol at 5mg/mL, soluble in DMSO at 5mg/mL, soluble in Chloroform:Methanol:Water (65:25:4) at 5mg/mL

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