PAMPA Lipid Blend I | 888787

DOPC:Stearic Acid (80:20, w/w) in Dodecane with 1% Ethanol for use in PAMPA assay


150 mg Dodecane

1 ea

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Product is a lipid solution in dodecane/ethanol. It is packaged in flame sealed glass ampoules at 50mg/mL, 3mL/ampoule (150mg units). Once opened, the contents of the glass ampoule should be transferred to a glass container with Teflon-lined screw cap closure for storage at -20°C. Transfer should be performed with a glass syringe or pipette. The solution should not contact plastic, i.e., do not transfer with plastic pipette tip or store in plastic vials.
1 Year
Synthetic Phospholipid Blend I
formerly product #790787