860496 | Dimethyl Sphingosine (d18:1)



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Dimethyl Sphingosine (d18:1)

Dimethyl Sphingosine (d18:1)


Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula
Percent Composition
C 73.34%, H 12.62%, N 4.28%, O 9.77%
1 Years
Storage Temperature
CAS Number
CAS Registry Number is a Registered Trademark of the American Chemical Society
Formula Weight
Exact Mass
N,N-dimethylsphingosine (d18:1)
sphingosine 2S, 3R, N,N-dimethylamine

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PubMed ID: 32369370

Jo JY, Kim HL, Lee YK, Tomura H, Bae YS, Okajima F, Im DS. N,N-Dimethyl-D-erythro-sphingosine inhibits store-operated Ca2+ entry in U937 monocytes. J Pharmacol Sci. 2008 Jul;107(3):303-7. doi: 10.1254/jphs.08078fp. PMID: 18635921.

PubMed ID: 18635921

Kim HL, Han M, Im DS. Differential signaling of sphingosine derivatives in U937 human monocytes depends on the degree of N-methylation. Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. 2008 Jun;86(1-4):68-72. doi: 10.1016/j.prostaglandins.2008.03.003. Epub 2008 Apr 7. PMID: 18467142.

PubMed ID: 18467142

Kim HL, Sacket SJ, Han M, Im DS. Characterization of N,N,-dimethyl-D-erythro-sphingosine-induced apoptosis and signaling in U937 cells: independence of sphingosine kinase inhibition. Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. 2008 Jun;86(1-4):18-25. doi: 10.1016/j.prostaglandins.2008.01.001. Epub 2008 Jan 12. PMID: 18316219.

PubMed ID: 18316219

Edsall LC, Van Brocklyn JR, Cuvillier O, Kleuser B, Spiegel S. N,N-Dimethylsphingosine is a potent competitive inhibitor of sphingosine kinase but not of protein kinase C: modulation of cellular levels of sphingosine 1-phosphate and ceramide. Biochemistry. 1998 Sep 15;37(37):12892-8. doi: 10.1021/bi980744d. PMID: 9737868.

PubMed ID: 9737868