860075 | C17:0 GD1a (d18:1/17:0)

C17:0 GD1a Ganglioside (d18:1/17:0, ammonium salt)

C17:0 GD1a (d18:1/17:0)


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C17:0 GD1a (d18:1/17:0)

C17:0 GD1a Ganglioside (d18:1/17:0, ammonium salt)

C17:0 GD1a detergent is a ganglioside.

Gangliosides are a type of glycosphingolipid (glycolipids, composed of one or more carbohydrate residues, attached through a glycosidic linkage to a hydrophobic lipid moiety - either a sphingoid or a ceramide) that contain one or more sialic acids.

Gangliosides were first isolated in 1942 from a brain ganglion cell, and this is where their name comes from.

Ganglioside molecules are located on the surface of cells with the carbohydrate part on the extracellular side, and the lipid units embedded in the plasma. Gangliosides are predominantly present in the nervous system, where they make up 6% of the lipid weight of the brain.

Gangliosides are proven to be molecules of great biological importance. Considering their specific location on cell membranes, they are involved in various cell-to-cell communications, such as molecule recognition and adhesion, and signal transduction. In addition, gangliosides act as receptors for some viral and bacterial toxins, like those of influenza, cholera, tetanus, and more.

Gangliosides are also found on nuclear membranes, and evidence is accumulating that they are engaged in intranuclear calcium homeostasis.

Studies also reveal the role of gangliosides in several pathologic conditions, including Guillain-Barré syndrome and neoplastic growth. They have been found to promote the differentiation and proliferation of cancer cells.

Avanti offers high-grade experimental C17:0 GD1a Ganglioside (d18:1/17:0, ammonium salt) to use in the course of research on the structure of membranes, lipids as membrane constituents, their roles and interactions in membranes, etc.

Light Sensitive
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C 54.15%, H 8.16%, N 3.80%, O 33.89%

1 Year
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