18:1 (Δ9-Cis) PC (DOPC) | 850375




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25 mg
200 mg
500 mg
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The list of Phosphatidylcholine products offered by Avanti is designed to provide compounds having a variety of physical properties. Products available include short chain (C3-C8 are water soluble and hygroscopic), saturated, multi-unsaturated and mixed acid PC's. All of the products are purified by HPLC, and special precautions are taken to protect the products for oxidization and hydrolysis. Several of these products are manufactured under the current guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice and are available for pharmaceutical use. If you have a requirement for a choline derivative not found on our list, please call us: custom synthesis is one of our specialties.
Molecular Formula
Percent Composition
C 67.23%, H 10.77%, N 1.78%, O 16.28%, P 3.94%
1 Year
CAS Number
CAS Registry Number is a Registered Trademark of the American Chemical Society
Molecular Weight
Exact Mass
Transition Temp
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