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DOCP | 850311

2-((2,3-bis(oleoyloxy)propyl)dimethylammonio)ethyl hydrogen phosphate



25 mg
50 mg
100 mg
200 mg
500 mg
1 g



25 mg
50 mg
100 mg
200 mg
500 mg
1 g

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Inverse-phosphocholine lipids, a remix of a common phospholipid, contain headgroups with an inverted charge orientation relative to phosphocholine (PC) lipids. The iPC lipid headgroup has a quaternary amine adjacent to the bilayer interface and a phosphate that extends into the aqueous phase.
Therefore iPC lipids afford a unique opportunity to investigate the biophysical and bioactivity-related ramifications of a charge inversion at the bilayer surface.
Molecular Formula
Percent Composition
C 66.89%, H 10.70%, N 1.81%, O 16.58%, P 4.01%
6 Months
CAS Number
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Molecular Weight
Exact Mass
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Wang, F. and J. Liu. (2015). A Stable Lipid/TiO Interface with Headgroup-Inversed Phosphocholine and a Comparison with SiO. J Am Chem Soc [PubMed]
This study provides an alternative system for forming stable supported bilayers on TiO2, and represents the first example of interfacing inverse lipids with inorganic surfaces.
Perttu, E.K., A.G. Kohli, and F.C. Szoka Jr. (2012). Inverse-phosphocholine lipids: a remix of a common phospholipid. J Am Chem Soc 134:4485-8. [PubMed]