841138 | Egg PG

L-α-phosphatidylglycerol (Egg, Chicken) (sodium salt)

Egg PG


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Egg PG

L-α-phosphatidylglycerol (Egg, Chicken) (sodium salt)

Egg PG, L-α-phosphatidylglycerol (Egg, Chicken) (sodium salt), is a naturally occurring anionic phospholipid found in plant, animal, and bacterial cell membranes. While less abundant than phosphatidylethanolamine in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and phosphatidylcholine in eukaryotes, Egg PG plays a key part in numerous biological processes.

Phosphatidylglycerol is synthesized through a reaction between CDP-diglyceride and L-α-glycerol 3-phosphate, followed by dephosphorylation, making it a key metabolic precursor of cardiolipin. Structurally, PG comprises two acyl chains esterified to a glycerol backbone linked to a phosphate-containing headgroup carrying a negative charge. This structure allows PG to form the second largest lipid component of mammalian lung surfactant, comprising 10 percent of its lipids. Notably, PG levels are reduced in the lung surfactant of infants with respiratory distress syndrome.


Egg PG is valuable for many research applications. Its unique properties and critical functions make it an invaluable component in plant and animal studies, from investigating respiratory health to understanding photosynthetic processes.

It serves as an anionic phospholipid substrate in serial protein misfolding cyclic amplification (sPMCA) reactions, aiding in the study of protein dynamics. Researchers also use Egg PG in the preparation of large unilamellar vesicles (LUVs), which are crucial for examining membrane biophysics and protein-lipid interactions. Additionally, Egg PG is utilized as a standard in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometric (LC-MS) analysis, ensuring precise and accurate lipid quantification.


Avanti Research offers Egg PG chloroform and powder form in 25 mg, 200 mg, and 500 mg packaging to successfully facilitate small-scale laboratory experiments and large-scale industrial applications.

Avanti's Egg PG is noted for its exceptional purity (>99%) and consistent performance, making it a reliable choice for critical research and development projects.

Light Sensitive
3 Months
Storage Temperature
CAS Number
CAS Registry Number is a Registered Trademark of the American Chemical Society
Formula Weight

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Fatty Acid Distribution

This Natural Lipid is a mixture and the structure shown above is only representative of one possible structure present in the product. Refer to chart for average fatty acid distribution.

Certificates of Analysis

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