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Methylene Chloride

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Molecular Formula
Percent Composition
C 65.15%, H 7.73%, N 1.85%, O 21.17%, P 4.10%
1 Years
CAS Number
CAS Registry Number is a Registered Trademark of the American Chemical Society
Molecular Weight
Exact Mass
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Moumtzi, A., M. Trenker, K. Flicker, E. Zenzmaier, R. Saf, and A. Hermetter. (2007). Import and fate of fluorescent analogs of oxidized phospholipids in vascular smooth muscle cells. J Lipid Res 48:565-82. [PubMed]
Note: Perform all operations in a fume hood.
(1) Open glass ampoule and transfer the contents of the ampoule to the Teflon vial (included) using a glass pipette or syringe. DO NOT USE PLASTIC.
(2) Evaporate the dichloromethane under a gentle stream of nitrogen at room temperature.
(3) Add 300µL of 200mM HCl in THF (see below for preparation) and stir/agitate for 1 hour.
(4) Neutralize the reaction mixture with 10mg of NaHCO3 solid
(5) Extract the aldehyde product with 900µL of CHCl3/MeOH ( 2:1, v/v).
(6) Wash the resulting organic phase twice with 250 µL of water
(7) Dry the organic phase over Na2SO4, filter, and evaporate organic solvent under a gentle stream of nitrogen at room temperature. This procedure will yield ~1mg of aldehyde product.
(8)  Once deprotected, we recommend that PyrOVPC be used immediately.
Preparation of 200mM HCl in THF: 2mL of 1N aq HCl was diluted with 8mL of THF.