700330 | Allolithocholic acid

5α-cholanoic acid-3α-ol

Allolithocholic acid


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Allolithocholic acid

5α-cholanoic acid-3α-ol

Allolithocholic Acid is a human metabolite and an allomonohydroxy bile acid (BA). It belongs to the group of organic molecules monohydroxy BAs, alcohols, and derivatives.

BAs are natural compounds, obtained as end products of cholesterol catabolism in liver hepatocytes. They are steroid amphipathic molecules found predominantly in the bile of mammals. Their physiological role is to aid the absorption, transport, and excretion of dietary fats, fat-soluble vitamins, and other sterols and hydrophobic nutrients in the gut and liver. BAs also regulate bile flow and lipid secretion. They are essential to the regulation of important enzymes, involved in normal cholesterol and other metabolites' homeostasis.

AlloBAs, including Allolithocholic Acid, are less common in the human body, but still have numerous functions. They contain a trans-AB ring fusion and are designated as the C5α diastereomers.

Besides being present in the serum, typically for a BA, Allolithocholic Acid is also found in feces and according to research, its levels are elevated in patients with colon cancer, especially in male organisms.

In rat models, it activates large-conductance calcium-activated potassium channels. Additionally, the alloacid has been found to reduce hepatic bile flow and cholesterol secretion. It can also cause microvilli loss and canaliculi dilation in hepatocytes and serve as a marker of cholestasis.

Allolithocholic Acid is also known to be a steroid T regulatory lymphocyte modulator and is often used for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

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Light Sensitive
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C 76.55%, H 10.71%, O 12.75%

1 Year
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