700322 | Deoxycholic acid 3-sulfate (disodium salt)

3a,12a-dihydroxy-5ß-cholan-24-oic acid 3-sulfate disodium salt


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Deoxycholic acid 3-sulfate (disodium salt)

Deoxycholic acid 3-sulfate (disodium salt)

3a,12a-dihydroxy-5ß-cholan-24-oic acid 3-sulfate disodium salt

Deoxycholic Acid 3-Sulfate, also known as 3-sulfodeoxycholic acid, is a steroid bile salt, a sulfate derivative of the bile acid (BA) deoxycholic acid.

Deoxycholic acid (cholanoic acid) is one of the secondary BAs and is an end product of intestinal microbiota metabolism.

In the human organism, deoxycholic acid and its metabolites including Deoxycholic Acid 3-Sulfate play an important role in emulsification and solubilization of dietary fats for absorption in the gut. When injected subcutaneously, deoxycholic acid also dissolves fat tissue through adipocytes disruption.

In research, deoxycholic acid, Deoxycholic Acid 3-Sulfate, and other derivatives can be used as detergents to isolate and study membrane-associated proteins. They are quite suitable to use in experimental basis of gallstones formation and destruction and investigation of cholagogues.

As a main deoxycholic acid metabolite, Deoxycholic Acid 3-Sulfate is actively being examined as a structure suitable for incorporation in nanotechnology. It is also believed that the detergent can act as a photo-resistant component in microlithography.

Moreover, Deoxycholic Acid 3-Sulfate and other deoxycholic acid conjugates play an essential role in different physiological pathways such as appetite, pain and stress response, and even longevity.

As a bile acid derivative, Deoxycholic Acid 3-sulfate not only enhances fat metabolism, but also takes part in glucose, other BAs, and its own homeostasis. However, its BAs similarity determines some adverse effects of the compound. When present at high levels, Deoxycholic Acid 3-sulfate can cause DNA damage. This is a result of increased reactive oxygen and nitrogen species that lead to oxidative stress.

Therefore, Deoxycholic Acid 3-Sulfate is a metabolite with diverse functions and applications, proper for researching both physiological and pathological properties of lipid molecules in the human body and their potential role in the treatment of various severe diseases.

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Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 55.80%, H 7.41%, Na 8.90%, O 21.68%, S 6.21%

1 Year
Storage Temperature
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