700289 | Apocholic Acid (Delta 14 isomer)

5ß-chol-14-enoic acid-3α,12α-diol


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Apocholic Acid (Delta 14 isomer)

Apocholic Acid (Delta 14 isomer)

5ß-chol-14-enoic acid-3α,12α-diol

Apocholic acid is a human metabolite, first described in the 1920s.

It is an unsaturated bile acid (BA) that is obtained from one of the primary BAs - cholic acid, through a process of mild dehydration, carried out by specific enzymes. Apocholic acid salts and esters are known as apocholates.

The Delta 14 Isomer of apocholic acid is a compound with an identical empirical formula (it contains the same number of atoms), but a different structure (different arrangement and order of the atoms). Isomers do not necessarily have the same properties. Therefore, Apocholic Acid (Delta 14 Isomer) can be used as an alternative to Apocholic Acid in terms of diverse applications and uses. 

As a BA, Apocholic Acid is a naturally occurring steroid compound with amphipathic molecules, derived in the liver hepatocytes. It undergoes an enterohepatic circuit, exists as an anion, and requires particular transport carriers to pass through different cell membranes. 

BAs, including Apocholic Acid, have numerous important physiological properties. They aid lipid metabolism and regulate cholesterol, glucose, energy, and their own homeostasis. However, when present in high concentrations, BAs show powerful toxic and pathological effects. They cause the formation of free oxygen radicals, disruption of cell membranes, cell organelles and DNA damage, mutations, and reduced apoptosis. Certain BAs, like Apocholic Acid, are even proven to act as oncometabolites, when accumulated - they promote neoplastic growth and cancer cell survival.

Apocholic Acid is widely related to some specific types of cancers. According to different studies, it manifests sarcoma-carcinogenic activity in experimental rat models.

There are several other known effects of Apocholic Acid. The BA is a potent complexing and enolizing agent, that creates stable addition-compounds when linked to various organic molecules. Typical for a BA, Apocholic Acid is also strongly believed to decrease significantly plasma and liver cholesterol levels in rats.

The lipid metabolite, Apocholic Acid (Delta 14 Isomer), is a suitable choice of product to investigate BAs behaviour in terms of carcinogenesis and other physiological or pathological processes.

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Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 73.81%, H 9.81%, O 16.39%

1 Year
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