700266 | Glycochenodeoxycholic acid

5β-cholanic acid-3α,7α-diol N-(carboxymethyl)-amide

Glycochenodeoxycholic acid


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Glycochenodeoxycholic acid

5β-cholanic acid-3α,7α-diol N-(carboxymethyl)-amide

Glychochenodeoxycholic Acid (Chenodeoxycholylglycine / Glycine Chenodeoxycholate) is a human metabolite, naturally occurring as a bile salt and is a glycine conjugate of the bile acid (BA) chenodeoxycholic acid. Its most common function is to act as a detergent to solubilize fats and other sterol products for absorption. The compound is a cholagogue and choleretic.

Its primary source, chenodeoxycholic acid (chenocholic acid) is a primary BA, one of the two main BAs in the human body alongside cholic acid. Chenodeoxycholic acid is used widely to dissolve cholesterol and gallstones.

In liver hepatocytes, primary and secondary BAs, including chenodeoxycholic acid undergo a process of conjugation with amino acids glycine or taurine. Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid is obtained from chenodeoxycholic acid and glycine through the same mechanism.

Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid has some more characteristics and roles in the organism, in addition to its fat solubilizing properties.

The compound is reported as an indicator and diagnostic marker of hepatocellular carcinoma.

The glycine metabolite is proven to activate the P13 kinase/Akt signaling pathway in Barrett adenocarcinoma cells. This pathway stimulates cell proliferation and prevents cell apoptosis. This effect is considered to be one potential mechanism whereby bile reflux in the esophagus promotes neoplastic growth and progression.

Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid is also known to inhibit cholic acid synthesis and to be decreased in rats with high-fat diet-induced obesity.

Studies have investigated how Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid levels change after bariatric surgery. It has been established that Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid concentrations are significantly higher in patients with gastric bypass compared to overweight and morbidly obese weight-matched control patients.

Avanti’s Glycochenodeoxycholic Acid is a high-grade laboratory product for targeted lipid analyses and investigation.

Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 69.45%, H 9.64%, N 3.12%, O 17.79%

1 Year
Storage Temperature
CAS Number
CAS Registry Number is a Registered Trademark of the American Chemical Society
Formula Weight
Exact Mass
Certificates of Analysis

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