700250 | Taurodeoxycholic acid, sodium salt

5ß-cholanic acid-3α,12α-diol N-(2-sulphoethyl)-amide, sodium salt


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Taurodeoxycholic acid, sodium salt

Taurodeoxycholic acid, sodium salt

5ß-cholanic acid-3α,12α-diol N-(2-sulphoethyl)-amide, sodium salt

Taurodeoxycholic Acid (TDCA), also commonly referred to as Deoxycholyltaurine, is a bile salt, derived in the liver by conjugation of the secondary bile acid (BA) deoxycholic acid with the amino acid taurine as the sodium salt. It’s a human metabolite.

The compound is an isomer of Taurochenodeoxycholic acid and Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, sharing the same molecular formula and weight with them.

Taurodeoxycholic Acid is mainly used as a cholagogue (prompts bile secretion), choleretic (increases the volume of the bile secreted), and a fat emulsifier.

In specific conditions, BAs, including Taurodeoxycholic Acid, can show toxic effects. There is evidence from preclinical studies in rat models that the bile salt, alongside other taurine derivatives, causes esophageal cancer. This is a consequence of the action of the duodenal juice reflux on the esophageal mucosa. Reflow of duodenal contents, especially bile acids and salts, causes oxidative stress, involved in carcinogenesis.

However, bile components, counting TDCA, manifest various beneficial properties in certain tissues and organs, as well. This way, TDCA, has been the subject of investigation on whether it has the ability to prevent sensory cell damage in the inner ear.

Taurodeoxycholic acid is also reported to aid chloride ion secretion through Ca-activated chloride ion channels and CFTR in bronchial epithelial cells when applied basolaterally.

Avanti’s Taurodeoxycholic Acid is a high-standard choice of experimental bile acids for reliable outcomes of your scientific work.

Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 59.86%, H 8.50%, N 2.68%, Na 4.41%, O 18.4%, S 6.15%

1 Year
Storage Temperature
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Formula Weight
Exact Mass