700240 | Nordeoxycholic acid

23-nor-5β-cholanoic acid-3α, 12α-diol


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Nordeoxycholic acid

Nordeoxycholic acid

23-nor-5β-cholanoic acid-3α, 12α-diol

Nordeoxycholic Acid also known as 23-Nor-Deoxycholic Acid (23-Nor-DCA) is a steroid human metabolite with higher serum levels in women compared to men.

It’s a relative of the bile acid (BA) norcholic acid and a 23-carbon derivative of deoxycholic acid (DCA). 

Norcholic acid is a minor BA found predominantly in human urine and meconium, while deoxycholic acid is one of the secondary BAs and an end product of the intestinal bacteria.

All BAs are important biomolecules, synthesized in the liver from cholesterol catabolism and responsible for the normal digestion and absorption of fats and other sterols. However, under certain pathological conditions, certain BAs can become prominent, and tend to show toxic effects on cells and tissues.

Levels of Norcholic acid, for instance, are increased in patients with cirrhosis and xanthomatosis - a metabolic disorder, characterized by mitochondrial enzyme sterol 27-hydrolase (CYP27A1) deficiency, that leads to progressive neurological symptoms.

As for the other parent compound of Nordeoxycholic Acid, DCA, it’s a BA with numerous effects in the human body, including emulsification of fats, preventing and dissolving gallstones, adipocytes destruction, and more.

As a BA, Nordeoxycholic Acid has similar effects, and it has also been found to decrease in models of rats on a high-fat diet, with a nonalcoholic fatty acid liver disease.

Additionally, Nordeoxycholic Acid is widely used as an internal standard for the quantification of bile acids.

Avanti’s Nordeoxycholic Acid is a high-quality bile acid for use in various types of bioanalyses research.

Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 72.98%, H 10.12%, O 16.91%

1 Year
Storage Temperature
CAS Number
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