700219 | Isodeoxycholic acid

5ß-cholanic acid-7α,12α-diol


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Isodeoxycholic acid

Isodeoxycholic acid

5ß-cholanic acid-7α,12α-diol

Isodeoxycholic acid or 3-deoxycholic acid is a human fecal bile acid, also a cholanoid. The metabolite belongs to a class of organic compounds such as dihydroxy bile acids and similar derivatives. These are products of primary bile acids or alcohols, that bear exactly two carboxylic acid groups.

Bile acids (BAs) are steroid biomolecules with amphipathic properties. They are end products of cholesterol oxidation in the liver. They are important metabolic components, responsible for the transport, digestion, absorption, and excretion of lipids, lipid-soluble vitamins, and other sterols. BAs also regulate normal bile flow and act as signaling molecules in cholesterol, lipid, glucose, energy, and their own homeostasis. Their recirculation through the liver, bile ducts, and intestinal tract, known as the enterohepatic circuit, is crucial to the metabolism of hydrophobic nutrients. BAs can also be toxic to the liver and other tissues if accumulated under pathological conditions.

Isodeoxycholic acid is synthesized via epimerization of the primary bile deoxycholic acid (DCA) by the microbiome in the intestines. It is actually a molecule of dihydroxy-5β-cholanic acid which is (5β)-cholan-24-oic acid substituted by β-hydroxy groups at C3 and C7

Isodeoxycholic acid has a higher critical micelle concentration than DCA, meaning reduced molecular activity, and is less active, compared to DCA in terms of inhibiting the growth of different bacterial species.

This bile acid derivative is also suggested to decrease C. difficile cytotoxicity.

Plasma levels of this compound are decreased in rats with obesity, induced by a high-fat diet contrary to rats on a normal diet.

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Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 73.43%, H 10.27%, O 16.30%

1 Year
Storage Temperature
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