700135 | 25, 27-dihydroxycholesterol



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25, 27-dihydroxycholesterol

25, 27-dihydroxycholesterol


25,27-Dihydroxycholesterol is a human metabolite and bile acid as well as a derivative of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is an organic molecule and the main sterol, synthesized in animal cells as a result of a complex 37-step process. The compound is a prominent component of cell membranes.

Cholesterol is a precursor of important biomolecules in the human body - steroid hormones and bile acids (BAs), including 25,27 - Dihydroxycholesterol.

25,27-Dihydroxycholesterol and BAs in general, are physiological amphipathic steroid molecules, obtained from cholesterol in the liver. The process of biosynthesis involves a series of reactions that include an introduction of hydroxyl groups, chain shortening, and the formation of a carboxyl group.

They are essential to the organism as detergents that emulsify fats and other sterols in the intestines for digestion and absorption. It has also been proven that BAs function as signaling molecules and regulate key enzymes that are part of crucial metabolic pathways related to glucose, energy, drug metabolism, and more.

Cholesterol and its relatives, including 25,27-Dihydroxycholesterol, are highly hydrophobic molecules with extremely low water solubility. They are resistant to mechanical stress, which explains their importance as components of cell membranes.

Cholesterol and cholesterol metabolites play a range of roles significant for maintaining a healthy organism.

Specific functions of cholesterol are:

  • Serves as the main component of animal cell membranes. Cholesterol makes the membrane stable and durable, while still allowing it to change shape.
  • Regulation of the biological reaction of substrate presentation in enzyme-activated processes.
  • Participating in cell signaling reactions.
  • Serves as a precursor for the derivation of vitamin D, steroid hormones, and BAs.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that cholesterol is one of the most intensely studied molecules of biological origin.

25,27-Dihydroxycholesterol and other cholesterol derivatives are compounds suitable for profuse cholesterol studies. They respond better to different types of methods and techniques, used in cholesterol analysis, such as atmospheric pressure ionization - electrospray, electrochemical detections, and others.

Avanti’s 25,27-Dihydroxycholesterol is a high-quality product for scientific research in the field of cholesterol and lipids.

Light Sensitive
Molecular Formula


Percent Composition

C 77.46%, H 11.08%, O 11.46%

1 Year
Storage Temperature
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