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MSI SPLASH® LIPIDOMIX for Mass Spec Imaging


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MSI SPLASH® LIPIDOMIX for Mass Spec Imaging

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As the role of lipids in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease is increasingly acknowledged, it has become essential to consider what lipids may have a hand in neuropathology. MSI SPLASH is made specifically for Mass Spec Imaging of neurological tissue. The mixture of thirteen internal standards is designed to be applied to brain sections using a sprayer, similarly to the application of matrix for MALDI. MSI SPLASH allows not only for quantitation of lipids within the brain, but also localization of those lipids to provide more detailed information for answering biological questions. This mixture was designed in collaboration with Michiel Vandenbosch, Shadrack Mutuku, Shane Ellis & Kim Ekroos.

Toward Omics-Scale Quantitative Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Lipids in Brain Tissue Using a Multiclass Internal Standard Mixture. Michiel Vandenbosch, Shadrack M. Mutuku, Maria José Q. Mantas, Nathan H. Patterson, Tucker Hallmark, Marc Claesen, Ron M. A. Heeren, Nathan G. Hatcher, Nico Verbeeck, Kim Ekroos, and Shane R. Ellis. Analytical Chemistry 2023 95 (51), 18719-18730DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.3c02724

Catalog Number
Mixture ComponentTarget Concentration (mg/mL)
79164215:0-18:1 (d7) PA0.11
79163815:0-18:1 (d7) PE0.1
79164015:0-18:1 (d7) PG0.049
79164115:0-18:1 (d7) PI0.023
85815217:0-16:1 PS-d50.105
85671017:0 Lyso PE-d50.003
860573C12 Mono-sulfo galactosyl(beta) ceramide (d18:1/12:0)0.019
330727C15 Lactosyl(beta) ceramide-d7 (d18:1/15:0)0.013
860677C18 Ceramide-d7 (d18:1/18:0)0.011
860569C17 Glucosyl(beta) Ceramide (d18:1/18:0)0.133
860740SM d18:1/18:1(d9)0.031
85567917:0 Lyso PC-d50.003
79163715:0-18:1 (d7) PC0.161

Light Sensitive
1 Year
Storage Temperature

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