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330708 | Differential Ion Mobility System Suitability Lipidomix® Kit

Differential Ion Mobility System System Suitablity Lipidomix®

SKU: 330708X-1EA

PRICE: $254.00
The Differential Ion Mobility System Suitability Lipidomix® system provides pre-mixed synthetic lipid standards combined with a natural lipid extract to provide a system suitability standard that allows you to confirm visualization and separation of each lipid class. This standard and protocol was developed in collaboration with Paul Baker and Leo Wang of SCIEX.  The standard is designed to ensure proper instrument set-up and allow for easy method development using ion mobility platforms.  The combination of synthetic lipids with the natural lipid extract form a lipid population representative of a typical sample.
Mixture contains 1mg/ml of each lipid below (0.25mg/ml PI), 0.5ml per vial in chloroform:methanol (1:1).  Bovine Heart Extract is provided in a separate vial at 25mg/mL.


  • Cholesterol
  • 18:1 TG
  • 18:1 SM
  • 18:1 Ceramide
  • 18:1 Lyso PC
  • 19:0 Chol Ester
  • 14:1 DG
  • 14:1 CA
  • 14:1 PC
  • 14:1 PS
  • 14:1 PG
  • 14:1 PE
  • 14:1 PI
  • 14:1 PA

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