330707 | SPLASH® LIPIDOMIX® Mass Spec Standard

Single-vial Prepared Lipidomic Analytical Standard for Human plasma lipids


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SPLASH® LIPIDOMIX® Mass Spec Standard

Single-vial Prepared Lipidomic Analytical Standard for Human plasma lipids

Make a splash in your lab and dive right into Lipidomics with our easy to use mixture of deuterium labeled lipids. The SPLASH® Lipidomix® Mass Spec Standard includes all of the major lipid classes at ratios relative to human plasma, allowing one easy internal standard solution to be added to every sample. This internal standard mixture was developed in collaboration with Kim Ekroos (Zora Biosciences).

  • Save time: pre-mixed internal standards
  • Save money: 1 vial is sufficient for 100 plasma samples
  • Exact concentrations provided for quantitative lipidomic analysis
  • Applicable to multiple MS approaches
  • Concentration of each lipid class optimized for plasma analysis
Catalog NumberMixture ComponentsTarget Concentration (µg/mL)
79163715:0-18:1(d7) PC160
79163815:0-18:1(d7) PE5
79163915:0-18:1(d7) PS5
79164015:0-18:1(d7) PG30
79164115:0-18:1(d7) PI10
79164318:1(d7) LPC25
79164418:1(d7) LPE5
79164618:1(d7) MG2
79164715:0-18:1(d7) DG10
79164815:0-18:1(d7)-15:0 TG55
79164918:1(d9) SM30
700041Cholesterol (d7)100
Light Sensitive
1 Year
Storage Temperature

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