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GM3 ELISA Snoopers®, Clear, for use in absorbance applications



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ELISA Snoopers® are 8-well strips pre-coated with a single high-quality lipid species. They can be used to investigate protein-lipid interactions, and characterize and titrate lipid binding proteins.
This format provides the following advantages: • quantitative lipid-protein binding studies • assemble a 96-well plate using only the lipids of interest for binding studies • flexibility - use 8 to 96 wells, and 1 to 12 lipids as needed.
The 8-well strips are available in optically clear, white, or black surfaces for use in colormetric, luminescent and fluorescent assays, respectively. Avanti Lipid Snoopers ELISA Strips allow multiple sample conditions to be probed simultaneously in a single plate making them a perfect complement to Avanti Lipid Snoopers Nitrocellulose Strips.
This product should be stored at 4°C
Not the lipids you need for your application? Avanti will prepare custom tailored ELISA Strips to your exact requirements. Contact a Product Specialist and let us revolutionize your science.
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