Glycosylated Sterols

In plants, steryl glycosides (SGs) and acylated steryl glycosides (ASGs) are major derivatives of sterols. SGs and ASGs can vary due to the type of sterol backbone, the sugar, the configuration of the linkage, the number of sugars, and the acylation of the sugars. The most common form of SGs is a sugar monomer usually made of D-glucose attached to the 3$-hydroxy group on C3 of the sterol. Typically, acylation of the sugar(s) will occur at C6 of the sugar moiety with fatty acid. Palmitic acid (16:0) is the most common fatty acid used in the acylation of SGs. These sterol conjugates serve as membrane components, storage forms of sterols, transporters, and signaling molecules in plants.

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