Sterol-Modified Phospholipids

Avanti’s sterol modified lipids (SMLs) are modified with a cholesteryl moiety attached at the sn-2 carbon on the glycerol backbone. Cholesterol is an essential component of animal cell membranes and contributes to bilayer stability and fluidity. A wealth of research has been conducted associated with cholesterol and its importance to health and pathology. The addition of cholesterol to the phosphatidylcholine lipid has been proven to not interfere with its membrane condensing properties. The exchange of cholesterol with membrane components has been shown to be greatly reduced when attached to the phosphatidylcholine lipid. Liposomes can be prepared from SMLs and used as a drug carrier.

Huang, Z., & Szoka, F. C., Jr (2008). Sterol-modified phospholipids: cholesterol and phospholipid chimeras with improved biomembrane properties. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 130(46), 15702–15712.