Inverted Headgroups

This class of phospholipids is derived from inverting the phosphocholine headgroup to give an inverted charge orientation relative to phosphocholine lipids. Inverted phosphocholine lipids have a positively charged quaternary amine adjacent to the lipid bilayer and a negatively charged phosphate group that extends into aqueous phases. The surface potential of these inverted phosphocholine lipids remains negative across a broad pH range. Inverting the headgroup affords a unique opportunity to study the biophysical and bioactivity-related effects on lipid bilayers. These lipids can also be used to make biologically sensitive liposomes.

Perttu, E. K., Kohli, A. G., & Szoka, F. C., Jr (2012). Inverse-phosphocholine lipids: a remix of a common phospholipid. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134(10), 4485–4488.

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