Identifying the structure and/or determining the accurate concentration of each molecular species in mass spectrometry based research requires the use of well-defined internal standards. The LIPID MAPS initiative laid the foundation for the commercial availability of chemically pure synthetic lipid standards for precise quantization of major lipid classes including glycerolipids, glycerophospholipids, sphingolipids, sterols, and prenols [1,2]. LIPID MAPS® was created in 2003 via an NIH “Glue Grant” to provide access to lipid databases, tools, protocols, standards, and other resources to serve the international lipid research community. LIPID MAPS MS Internal Standards were formulated using unique molecules designed by Avanti Polar Lipids and the LIPID MAPS Consortium. Avanti was proud to be the exclusive supplier of these standards to the LIPID MAPS consortium and now to the lipid research community. The Quantitative Standards are characterized and pre-packaged in unit containers at defined concentrations. A detailed Certificate of Analysis accompanies the standard, and the stability is monitored by our QC staff.

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