The incorporation of metal-chelating lipids into nanolipoprotein particles (NLPs) has been studied. NLPs are nanometer-sized particles that self-assemble from apolipoprotein and phospholipid. The nanometer size and functionalization of these NLPs suggest their application as carriers of recombinant proteins. Nickel (Ni) and Gadolinium (Gd) have successfully been shown to sequester histidine (his)-tagged proteins dependent on the size and compilation of the NLPs. Avanti offers lipids chelated with Ni, Gd, cobalt (Co), and copper (Cu), as well as the non-chelated lipids. Check out our lipid chelators below!

Fischer, Nicholas O.; Blanchette, Craig D.; Chromy, Brett A.; Kuhn, Edward A.; Segelke, Brent W.; Corzett, Michele; Bench, Graham; Mason, Peter W.; Hoeprich, Paul D. Immobilization of His-Tagged Proteins on Nickel-Chelating Nanolipoprotein Particles. Bioconjugate Chemistry; 20: 460-465.