Multivalent Cationic Lipids

Multivalent cationic lipids are like fixed cationic lipids in the sense that their charge
does not change based on the biological environment. However, multivalent cationic
lipids such as MVL-5 do offer some advantages over fixed cationic lipids particularly
in applications involving delivery of siRNA. In some cases, the amount of multivalent
cationic lipid needed for a formulation is one-third to one-fifth the amount of the fixed
cationic lipid that would be needed. Since high amounts of fixed cationic lipids can be
toxic, multivalent cationic formulations are generally considered less toxic. Multivalent
cationic lipids also increase the encapsulation efficiency of siRNA compared to fixed
cationic lipid formulations. Check out our multivalent cationic lipid offerings below!

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      880158 - N-TETAMINE-pLys40
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      890815 - DOSPA
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