Fixed Cationic Lipids

Nucleic acid delivery is a focus area for therapeutic research across the globe.
Nucleic acid cargo such as DNA, mRNA, siRNA, and CRISPR/Cas-9 gene editing
technologies are negatively charged (anionic) and thus, to sequester and deliver the
cargo, the delivery system needs a positively charged (cationic) component. Unlike
ionizable lipids, fixed cationic lipids are constantly charged in biological environments
regardless of the pH.

Fixed cationic lipids have been proven to be good transfection agents in liposomes
and lipid nanoparticles. Generally considered non-toxic at lower concentrations,
these lipids do present some toxicity concerns when used in higher concentrations
due to the tetrasubstituted ammonium moiety. Avanti offers a wide range of proven
fixed cationic lipids such as DOTMA or DOTAP, but new, innovative cationic lipids are constantly being added. Check out our fixed cationic lipid offerings and fuel your lipid-based nucleic acid delivery research today!