Where in the World is Walt?

Posted on April 04, 2019

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Our founder, Dr. Walter (Walt) Shaw travels pretty frequently in an effort to stay present and active in the scientific community, and this April is no different. Keep reading for more information on Walt’s whereabouts!

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology

Walt’s first stop this month is the Keystone Symposia, which will take place March 31 through April 5 in Silverthorne, Colorado. This conference covers bioactive lipid research and the new technologies that impact it, especially new technologies with the potential to transform medicine. It also addresses new perspectives in the field and connects older, more established researchers with junior scientists, all in the name of furthering expertise in mass spectrometry lipidomics, structural biology, and systems biology of lipids.

Experimental Biology Meeting

Next on the list for Walt is the Experimental Biology meeting in Orlando, Florida from April 6 through April 9. This is the largest and most prestigious meeting in the industry. The meeting creates a time for life sciences and biomedical researchers from across the globe to network and share the latest research discoveries and techniques for the subfields of anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, investigative pathology, pharmacology, and physiology.

World Vaccine Congress

From April 15 through April 17, Walt has plans to attend the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, DC. This event will feature 300 speakers, 1,500 attendees, and a plethora of networking opportunities. The main purpose of the event is to promote education in the field—attendees will learn more in the topics of pharma, biotech, academia, and government, as well as gain some information about the newest technologies that impact these fields.

SMALP Conference

Last on the agenda for Walt in the month of April is the SMALP Conference on April 26, which will be held in Utrecht, Netherlands. The main topics of the conference will be the latest developments in polymer chemistry methods, their applications in membrane biology, biophysics and structural biology, and potential alternatives. Not only will attendees have the chance to partake in these discussions and poster presentations, but they will also be able to celebrate King’s Day in the Netherlands, a huge festival holiday for the country. Students, postdocs, technicians, and established researchers are all invited to attend! Stay connected with Avanti to learn where you might be able to connect with Walt next!