What’s New At Avanti? Eicosanoids And Prostaglandins

Posted on September 03, 2020

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Products geared toward ground-breaking research seem to always be arriving at Avanti. And this month is no different. Avanti is proud to offer eicosanoids and prostaglandins at unrivaled levels of purity. Our selection of high-quality products has continued to swell to new heights, and we’re excited to offer these new additions aimed at igniting your inflammation research!

Covering All the Basics

With inflammation research at the root, eicosanoids and prostaglandins cater to those investigating a range of inflammatory responses, along with the health and disease implications underlying. Their basis in enhancing therapeutic designs may also prove more than insightful.

No strangers to fatty acids, it makes sense for Avanti to bring eicosanoids into our growing family. Eicosanoids are fatty acids that house a host of carbons: twenty in all. These carbons come from the oxidation of arachidonic acid, as well as kin polyunsaturated fatty acids by a plethora of mechanisms.

Originally pigeonholed as solely pro-inflammatory signaling molecules, eicosanoids are connecting into other sectors as well, including anti-inflammatory and pro-resolution mediators. The unique eicosanoids, at least. Thankfully, new inroads in lipidomics have bridged together the tasks of identifying unique bioactive eicosanoids and actively measuring multiple eicosanoids species.

Next up on the block are prostaglandins. These bioactive signaling molecules result from a synthesis reaction with arachidonate as a basis. One of their main areas of import lies in their subsequent product diversity: prostaglandins branch into a number of PG synthase-based products. Plus, prostaglandins’ renowned reputation as paramount in the inflammatory response add to their value in this vein of research, and are actively under further investigation.

Browse More of Our Offerings

Again, we’re so glad to bring eicosanoids and prostaglandins into the Avanti fold. It’s our products that help engender cutting-edge research and development. For all your R&D needs, whether geared toward your next research project or something more commercial, turn to Avanti. You can browse through our extensive product catalog and get in touch with us if any questions pop up along the way. Plus, see more of what’s going on in the Avanti sphere by catching up with us!