The Culture of Avanti

Posted on January 08, 2019

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Company culture doesn’t just define the workplace—it comes to define the work itself. We at Avanti believe that by establishing a strong company culture, our people feel fulfilled and productive, which ends up improving the product of our hard work.

Our Culture

Avanti offers a creative and professional environment where people succeed. At Avanti, we hire smart people, give them the tools they need and get out of their way to let them work. As a result, many of our unique products were created by team members who are passionate about what they do.

Excellence is expected and rewarded here, which is why we keep communication open and straightforward. Culture and communication go hand-in-hand in the workplace because communication is about much more than just words. It’s about connection, rapport, consistency and support. If we want to best develop and enhance the scientific community, we know we need to start with strong relationships right here at home.

Avanti was founded with one driving vision—the pursuit of perfection. Our founder, Dr. Walter A. Shaw, set out in 1967 to provide scientists with the purest lipid products possible, and that quest for perfection is baked into the company culture still today.

We strive every day to maintain an atmosphere that promotes growth and employee satisfaction. If you’re looking for a company that values your expertise and gives you the push you need to realize your potential, Avanti is the place for you.

What We Offer

For all our employees at Avanti, we offer competitive compensation and an excellent benefits package. You’ll also find career advancement opportunities specific to your personal goals. We consider your job satisfaction an integral part of our culture; we want you to succeed in whatever path you set before yourself, so we will help you get there.

We have established a collaborative work environment where team members work to offer solutions from research to commercialization. We believe that collaboration allows us to progress as a team by helping us multiply our inspiration and professional strengths while utilizing the power of connection. Interested in learning more about Avanti Polar Lipids? Contact us today.