The Analytical Center of Excellence

Posted on July 04, 2019

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Here at Avanti, we’ve been analyzing our own lipid compounds for years using the latest analytical techniques and instrumentation. We decided to create the Analytical Center of Excellence with the sole purpose of sharing our expertise with others, mainly in the research, nutraceutical, food, and pharmaceutical communities.

Not only can we analyze lipids in a research capacity, but we can also perform analyses under GMP regulatory guidance to support your project from its very beginnings, all the way to the marketplace. Our experienced team of analysis incorporate all of the latest advances in lipid analysis and reporting to ensure that your project is a success.

Analysis and Testing

At Avanti, we offer lipidomic profiling of all sample types—we can screen across several lipid classes, or provide a more in-depth analysis of a particular lipid class you’re interested in. Our experienced Mass Spec team uses Avanti’s high purity lipid standards to provide you with precise and, more importantly, reproducible results.

We offer a large variety of NMR testing services, including quantitative phosphorus NMR, which identifies the major phospholipid classes, as well as their degradants, in a sample. This gives quantitative results in terms of weight percent or concentration of a phospholipid solution. The proton NMR method is used for the structural characterization and the identification of a sample, and only requires a few milligrams of the sample to analyze. Another useful method is carbon NMR, which is also used for the structural characterization of a sample, especially when used in addition to proton NMR for identification.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in performing label claim analyses for lipid-based nutraceuticals like krill oil, fish oil, phospholipid enriched supplements, and more. Our primary methods are accurate in confirming customer label claims. Avanti can provide release testing to determine the lipid concentration in your final product, as well as stability testing to ensure that the product’s label claims will still be true even after storage.

Additional Analytical Services

At Avanti, we can offer you even more analytical and consulting services than the ones mentioned above. Identifying the lipids present in samples is critical to any lipid researcher, and Avanti is the partner you need to ensure successful, accurate research. We are always available for consultation, and look forward to discussing how our services can support your specific research needs. Want more information? Contact us today.