Research Spotlight: Using Avanti LIPIDOMIX® Standards to Create Lipidomics Software

Posted on February 01, 2021

Mass Spectrometry

Koelmel and the Innovative Omics team released the LipidMatch Flow software in 2017. This software is an automated workflow for rule-based lipid identification using untargeted High-Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry (HRMS/MS) data. It was developed as a one-stop solution to cover your entire lipidomics data-processing needs for LC-HRMS/MS data! The software can be accessed by clicking HERE.

After the development of the LipidMatch Flow data processing software, the Innovative Omics team developed the LipidMatch Normalizer software as an open-source LC-HRMS/MS lipidomics workflow software. They were able to use Avanti LIPIDOMIX® Standards to automate the relative quantification of lipids in sample data. The user provides a feature table containing all the annotated lipids and their respective m/z values, retention time, and intensities across samples. The feature table format is flexible, and hence LMN can be integrated with any lipid identification and feature finding software. LMN automatically selects internal standards for normalization, prioritizing a match of lipid class, adduct, and retention time, respectively. If multiple internal standards are provided for a particular lipid class, internal standards with the closest retention time to the target analyte will be chosen. This software can be accessed and downloaded by clicking HERE.

Image from Orignal Research Publication

Most recently, the collaborative efforts between Yale University, the University of Florida, and Agilent Technologies produced the Lipid Annotator and Mass Profiler Professional Software. This software development relied heavily on Avanti standards to develop a library of lipid MS/MS data. Avanti pipeline products will also be used in the future to continue the growth of the lipid library of MS/MS data. The Lipid Annotator software is available at Agilent Technologies and more information can be viewed by clicking HERE.

Image from Orignal Research Publication

We are extremely appreciative to Jeremy Koelmel for submitting these publications and for being a loyal Avanti customer! To read the full publications describing the LipidMatch Flow, LipidMatch Normalizer, and Lipid Annotator software click the links below!

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Metabolites | Free Full-Text | Lipid Annotator: Towards Accurate Annotation in Non-Targeted Liquid Chromatography High-Resolution Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-HRMS/MS) Lipidomics Using a Rapid and User-Friendly Software (

For information on applications of these software tools, check out the publications in the links below:

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