Product Spotlight: UltimateSPLASH ONE

Posted on January 09, 2020

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Lipids comprise a complex and diverse set of molecules that are involved in a variety of biological processes, including energy storage and release, signaling, growth, disease, and death. Keep reading for important information on our new product, UltimateSPLASH ONE. Have more questions? Contact us here.

The Problem

For the last two decades, the use of soft ionization techniques in conjunction with single and multistage mass spectrometry, both with and without prior separations, has enabled unprecedented levels of sensitivity, speed, and specificity for identification, structure determination and quantitation of these highly diverse ensemble of molecules. The main challenge that persists, however, is the development of a comprehensive set of internal standards that would allow for accurate quantitation of numerous individual molecular species.

The Solution

UltimateSPLASH ONE was created to address this very problem—to respond to the need for a comprehensive set of internal standards for researchers. This product greatly expands the number of chain length and unsaturation variants within a given class. This can be used to control for differences in ionization and fragmentation efficiency.

These internal standards are designed intentionally to appear in the spectral gaps between naturally occurring lipid species. Their relative abundances have also been varied to reflect patterns found in nature. UltimateSPLASH ONE incorporates these features into more lipid classes than ever, including PI, PS, PG, LPI, LPS, and LPG.

The result is a final mixture that contains a total of 69 unique and highly pure lipids across 15 different lipid classes. These classes have been meticulously characterized, quantitated, and blended for accurate quantitation using multiple lipidomics techniques. UltimateSPLASH ONE is available in class-specific mixtures, as well as in individual internal standards. You can find more details on ordering here, along with the 15 separate class mixtures.