Product Spotlight: equiSPLASH

Posted on September 10, 2019

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We’re talking about our LIPIDOMIX Quantitative Mass Spec Internal Standard product—EquiSPLASH. Keep reading for all of its research benefits, and how you can order some today.


When you order EquiSPLASH, you get a single sealed ampule containing 1mL of methanol solution, with 13 deuterated lipid internal standards at a target concentration of 100 ug/mL each. Concentrations for each product are verified and based on the isotopic purity of each individual compound.

By offering one singular concentration for all lipid classes, EquiSPLASH complements a wide variety of lipidomics platforms and sample types. Through this design, you can individualize the application of the standard to your methods and instrumentation. You’ll be able to correct for extraction and ionization efficiency between lipid classes, since only one internal standard per lipid class is necessary.

To order more EquiSPLASH, simply search for product number 330731.

Both of these products should be stored in a -10℃ to -25℃ freezer until you’re ready to use it. Be sure to always warm bath sonicate the unopened ampule for about two minutes before you open it.

Avanti’s Commitment

At Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc., our mission is to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of the highest purity lipids for research and pharmaceutical product development around the world. In order to fulfill that mission, we only use the finest precursors and reagents, and our highly trained staff utilize proven methods and procedures to ensure the quality of every final product. Each one is certified by our analytical specialists in adherence to a rigorous set of specifications.

All of Avanti products are characterized by one thing—quality. It’s the foundation of our reputation, so you can do amazing things. For any questions you may have about our products or services, call us or email