Product Spotlight: Bacterial Lipids

Posted on August 06, 2020

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At Avanti, we’re always adding new, innovative, and high-quality products to our catalog. Whatever you need for your next research project, we can deliver the good stuff. Keep reading for more information on our latest product: bacterial lipids!

Avanti’s Bacterial Lipids

Understanding bacterial lipid metabolism has been crucial in the overall understanding of basic lipid metabolism, and enzymatic pathways. There’s an incredible amount of diversity when it comes to fatty acid structures and phospholipid structures—that all occur in nature. The ability to alter the fatty acid and/or phospholipid composition—depending on the environment—is crucial for the survival of bacteria.

E. coli was considered to be the standard in bacterial lipid synthesis and metabolism for decades. Modern-era genome sequencing revealed that the regulation of metabolic pathways must be explored on a species-specific basis.

Avanti Polar Lipids has now developed a series of Bacterial Lipids to help with the complex understanding of lipid metabolism in prokaryotes.

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