Paul Baker Joins Avanti as Director of the Analytical Division

Posted on May 11, 2018

Paul Baker

Paul Baker received his PhD in Biochemistry from Wake Forest University School of Medicine, where he began his training in lipids with the study of the metabolism and signaling actions of ether-linked lipid mediators under the guidance of Robert Wykle. He did his post-doctoral work with Bruce Freeman at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he helped lead the discovery of a novel class of anti-inflammatory lipid mediators—nitrated lipids. He continued his work on nitrated lipids as an assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine until June of 2011 when he joined SCIEX. While at SCIEX, Paul was a senior applications manager and the global lead applications scientist for Lipidomics. Paul pioneered the use of differential Ion mobility spectrometry in the study of lipids, and worked to develop novel workflows to improve lipid analysis by mass spectrometry.

At Avanti, Paul will be responsible for leading and energizing our customer analytical services group and our GMP endeavors. We plan to dramatically increase the depth and quality of our lipid analysis services and develop a center of excellence in lipid analysis that focuses on quantitative rigor, molecular specificity, and quick sample turn around. In addition to lipid analysis, the center will promote education in this rapidly growing area of research. Our goal is to provide the highest quality data and services to our customers that matches the standard of excellence we and our customers expect from our synthetic lipid standards.