New Product Spotlight: Detergent Kits

Posted on November 03, 2020

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Avanti is in no short supply of products to aid in your projects and applications. And we’re more than excited to welcome a new product to our ever-growing lineup: detergent kits. Like the many Avanti products that have come before, Avanti’s detergent kits boast the highest levels of purity. Not only do these kits offer premier samples of high-purity detergents, but the detergents also revolve around a common theme that’s sure to cycle into your R&D!

Our New Detergent Kits: A Breakdown

If you’re unsure which detergent will work for your specific project or application, with Avanti, you hardly have to worry about that anymore! Our detergent kits offer samples of five to eight different high-purity detergents designed to increase your R&D, as well as your return on investment. Let’s give a breakdown of our current kit offerings, shall we?

The Popular Detergent Kit

An ideal starting point for cluing into detergent best fits, the Popular Detergent Kit helps pin down which detergent or class of detergents is preferred for a particular membrane protein. The kit’s design lends itself to complete R&D convenience. For example, the kit allows you to assess six unique detergent reagents and their individual potency in influencing a set of membrane protein processes: solubilization, purification, and stabilization during crystal growth.

The MAG Detergent Kit

Like its Popular Detergent Kit counterpart, the MAG Detergent Kit carries a design with convenience in mind. However, this kit differs a little in specialization. It’s suited to evaluate eight MAG detergent reagents, as well as their capacity to influence lipid mesophase crystallization. You may know this method by its other names: lipidic cubic phase or in meso method. It’s been touted for its versatility, with a long string of protein solutions in its sphere: homo- and hetero-multimeric, chromophore-containing and chromophore-free, monomeric, X-ray crystallographic structures of prokaryotic and eukaryotic proteins, and alpha-helical and beta-barrel proteins.

The Facade® Detergent Kit

In addition to standards in R&D convenient design, the Facade® Detergent Kit is industry exclusive to Avanti. It offers ample examination opportunities, with five unique Facade® detergent reagents included. The kit also allows for reagent ability evaluation, namely the ability to stabilize membrane proteins. Our Facade® detergent series owes its emergence to two-dimensional amphiphiles with both hydrophobic and hydrophilic faces. This newest class of detergents signals a shift from the “traditional,” one-dimensional, polar-head/nonpolar-tail molecules. Their ability to stabilize integral membrane proteins eclipses that of its traditional predecessor.

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We’re pleased to introduce detergent kits into Avanti’s offerings. We hope that sentiment rings true for you and your continued R&D as well. For help with projects and applications of all stripes, rely on Avanti Polar Lipids and our broad product catalog. Plus, remember to touch base with us if you have questions, and keep coming back for everything Avanti!