New Product Spotlight: Cationic Lipids

Posted on December 01, 2020

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It may be chilly outside, but Avanti’s product offerings are continuing to heat up. This month’s product spotlight features our cationic lipids, a versatile and easily utilized lipid type for R&D. Read on about this highly specialized product, and how Avanti can expertly assist your liposomal transfection research!

What Cationic Lipids Can Do

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to cationic lipids, and their usefulness can’t be overstated. Ionizable cationic lipids make up key components in lipid-promoted nanoparticle formulations, which have immense significance. Nanoparticle formulations of this type and kind work as robust, promising delivery systems for small RNA and mRNA therapeutics.

But that’s not the full story for these lipids’ significance. Their importance works its way well up the R&D chain. When RNA-based therapeutics are undergoing development, a couple of highly important considerations come to light: RNA stability and delivery. The RNA’s stability outside the cellular environment and its delivery to the cell’s cytoplasm have to be acknowledged and accounted for.

Here’s where cationic lipids specifically come in: these lipids are able to create aggregate complexes with anionic genetic materials, including DNA and RNA. When placed in liquid solutions, the resulting aggregated liposomal structures elicit a positive surface charge. This surface charge makes RNA entrance possible as an RNA-membrane mediator, which, in effect, cancels out the cell’s ability to discriminate the liposome from the cell membrane.

What do cationic lipids mean for R&D? A whole bunch. Cationic lipid transfection has a wealth of advantages. These include a versatile transfection rate through multiple cell types, a highly efficient process, low levels of toxicity, simple introduction, and ample means of replication and reproduction.

Avanti’s Offerings

Avanti has pulled out all the stops for those wishing to conduct liposomal transfection research. The full lineup we’re offering includes several cationic lipids, as well as multivalent cationic lipids:

  • ethyl PC’s;
  • pH-sensitive lipids;
  • DOTAP;
  • DOTMA;
  • DDAB;
  • DC-cholesterol;
  • GL67;
  • And DODMA.

With everything we have available in our cationic acids, Avanti is well-equipped to help your R&D go smoothly. We hope the introduction of these lipids helps aid in your liposomal transfection research—and don’t forget about our other products as well! You can view them in full in our product catalog. Remember, we’re here to help your research and development work shine, so if you need to get in touch with us for any reason, you can do so. Plus, you can always keep up-to-date with what’s going on in our world as well!