Division Spotlight: Shipping Department

Posted on July 01, 2021

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Becky Miller, Shipping Manager, took time to chat with us and provide insight into the busy world of Avanti's Shipping Department! Keep reading to learn more!

What are some of the challenges that the shipping department faces on a daily/weekly basis?

As the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds, everything still funnels into & through this small department. The work load has tripled and has become more complex and physically challenging. Every department in the company depends on us in one way or another, but most have no idea what we do.

How has the shipping department been impacted by the shift of focus to COVID-19 vaccine supply efforts?

For years we mostly shipped Research & Development products via FedEx both domestically and internationally with a few GMP shipments here and there. Even though GMP orders have steadily increased over the past 3 years, nothing could have prepared us for the impact that the COVID-19 vaccine would bring. What has always been important work, now became critical. We have transformed from a shipping department to a logistics management department using multiple lanes in the shipping industry in an effort to keep the supply of vaccine related products moving. As the world began to depend on Avanti, Avanti began to depend on its shipping department more than ever.

Has the shipping department had a chance to work with or interact with the broader Croda team?

We have had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the Croda team members that came to our rescue to fill many open positions created by our growth. Unfortunately, we really have not had the chance to interact with broader Croda other than through their great methods of communication.

Avanti's shipping department is divided into two primary areas, MilliporeSigma handling international shipments to our global alliance partner, and Final Pack handling domestic research and GMP orders.

Thank you to Becky Miller for providing us some insight. The Avanti team members and loyal customers appreciate all you and your fantastic team do!