Division Spotlight: Human Resources

Posted on September 03, 2021

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What is an average day like in HR?

This typically depends on the role, the time of year, and different things going on in a week. There really isn’t an average day. Every day is different and unique with its own set of challenges and to-dos. Our priority every day is to serve our employees. But a typical week focuses right now on integration work with Croda, employee relations issues, recruiting, onboarding, payroll, and benefits, setting up fun events such as food trucks, and COVID-related topics. There is a ton of behind-the-scenes work being done on various strategic initiatives such as orientation and onboarding, market comparisons for pay and benefits, various policy rewrites, handbook updates, and so much more. This barely touches the surface of all the work going on with this team.

What are some of the challenges the team faces on a regular basis?

Regular challenges faced include recruiting for open positions, aligning on Croda integration work, and much more.

How has the HR team been able to interact and collaborate with the broader Croda team so far?

We have actually had a ton of opportunities to work with the broader Croda HR group on several projects including benefits, payroll, PTO, and Holiday work.

Thank you to Britt Pietruszewski for providing us some insight. The Avanti team members appreciate all you and your fantastic team do!