Division Spotlight: Formulations

Posted on March 15, 2021

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Amy Druschitz, Production Manager for the Formulations Division, answered a few questions for us!

Q: Describe what the Formulations Team does and how you take a client's idea and turn it into a finished product?

A: Formulations customers encompass academic laboratories, virtual companies, and large pharma. Many of our customers find us because of the stellar reputation Avanti has for producing highly pure lipids. The Formulations Division uses Avanti’s vast library of products to form particles. Lipid-based systems for drug delivery is a growing area of interest because of the unique advantages lipids offer: targeted local or systemic drug delivery, increased bioavailability, and controlled elimination, just to name a few.

At Avanti, we produce all kinds of lipid-based formulations, from custom lipid blends to complex parenterals. Our capabilities include high-pressure homogenization, extrusion, lyophilization, ethanol injection, and High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) handling. We can work with a customer’s existing formulation or assist in literature searches and screening to determine the ideal candidate for any application.

Q: What are some exciting projects that the Formulations Team is working on?

A: Avanti’s formulations are used in various cancer therapies, veterinary products, as reagents for studying cell interactions, and many other applications.

We designed and produced a cationic lipid nanoparticle that shows a reduction of tumor size, and a larger pre-clinical animal study is on-going to evaluate dose-response. Our team has developed liposomes for cell therapy ex vivo cell activation kits that target cancer which were successful in small animal models. Formulation screening studies are underway to determine the ideal formulation candidate.

Our team is involved in developing liposomes used to assess interactions between cells and various proteins and antibodies. Due to the confidential nature of our projects we aren't able to give many details regarding these projects or others that are currently underway.

Q: Has the Formulations Team been able to collaborate with the broader Croda team on any projects or initiatives?

A: We also have exciting new research projects involving nanoparticles and adjuvants in coordination with our colleagues at several Croda sites. We are evaluating the encapsulation effects of using ion-pair technology with lipid nanoparticles and comparing different microfluidics systems. We will also determine the effects of excipient purity on final product formulation characteristics. Another research project will assess the ability to deliver various APIs intra-nasal using Avanti’s MAPCHO®-12, a tight-junction modifier currently used in an inhalant with glucagon to treat hypoglycemia. Avanti is in initial discussions to begin some screening work for potential new adjuvants which are extracted from marine invertebrates.

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