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Sustainability Seconds: Review: “The Smart Way to Stay Warm this Winter”

Posted on January 03, 2022

Jan Sustainability Seconds Fb And Li
We are in the middle of winter in the US and staying warm is a challenge for many. Heating usually requires energy - a lot of it. In the United States, nearly 40% of greenhouse gas emissions come from heating and cooling residential housing. Another 15% comes from heating water. So, heating is by far one of the most carbon intensive daily needs that we have. Why do our heating needs have such a high carbon footprint, and how can we address it? Keep reading to learn more!

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Sustainability Seconds: Review "The Surprising Cost of Being Online”

Posted on December 03, 2021

Sustainability Internet
“Am I doing enough?” That is a question that most people ask themselves daily. Am I doing enough for my significant other? Am I doing enough for my children? Am I doing enough for my employer? Am I doing enough for the planet, and the millions, and billions, of people that will live after me? Okay, we may not ask ourselves that last one every day, but we should! Every action that we take every single day has an impact on the future. And the small actions that we take as individuals to protect our planet can add up to an enormous positive impact on the quality of life for future generations. Keep reading to learn more!

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